Esther The last Grimsby Sail Trawler

The Collinson's Boat Yard

The story of Esther really begins with the Collinson's who built Esther at their boatyard at the River Head in the heart of Grimsby.

The Collinson brothers lived not far from here. One lived in at 1 Poplar Cottages East St where now there is a gravel car park owned by a local law firm. The other lived for a time in what was then a new Victorian terrace house in Earl St in the West Marsh area.

The picture below shows boat building at the River Head in Grimsby and it is possible that this was the site of the Collinson's boatyard with a boat that looks painted and ready to side launch into the river. It is not possible to say if that boat is actually Esther but the dimensions are very close.

Riverhead boatyard
The River Head Grimsby with a boat yard in the distance.

I did have quite a bit of information about the Collinson's but I have lost it for the moment. Nearly all of it was gathered from census reports of the days when they lived in Grimsby. When I have had a chance to revisit these archives I shall provide more details of the whens and wheres of Collinson's activities in the town. If you have any information about the Collinson's or pictures of the Collinson's boatyard or the River Head from that period and would like to include that information to this website please do get in touch via the contacts page. I shall be glad to hear from you.

The story of Esther continues at the Grimsby Ice Company

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