Esther Gallery

All the images that appear through out the Esther web pages are contained in this simple gallery. There are also additional images that you might find of interest. I'm still learning how to code html, jave script, and that sort of stuff so the gallery I have constructed is just a little bit ropey and doesn't resize the pictures on the right hand side fully in the browser window.

It does a reasonable job however you might end up with a bottom scroll bar if your window size is a little large.

To simply adjust your window size hold Crtl and scrolling with the mouse wheel to resize the whole web page or just save the image to your computer to view in your chosen image viewer at a later date.

Click on the thumbnail to resize the image to larger view, click again will return them to thumbnail size.

Click a picture to see a larger view.

map map1 johansen esther skipper
collinson boatyard esther 1940's esther 1890's esther painting esther 1980's esther iceland river head grimsby river head boatyard river head grimsby river head 1960's river head 1960's hans erik olsen working long lines working hand lines lewis machine gun fishing rig ju 88 steam and sail fishing boats iceland fisherman esther on slips esther grimsby esther sunk esther sunk esther sunk

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