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I have always been interested in wooden boats almost as an art form. The idea that men, using nothing but the simplest of tools could fashion a tree into a three dimensional object capable of circumnavigating the planet will always fill me with inspiration and awe of the capabilities of the human spirit

In its purest form of hand wrought wood, iron, rope, and canvas, a sailing vessel is always a thing to marvel at regardless of its shape or the work it was designed to do. From the humblest Dingy to the mightiest Tea Clipper, the sailing vessel was the space ship of its day transporting men and materials across the endless oceans of a liquid universe to the strange inhabitants of distant lands.

Equal to that are the men who under took these voyages into the unknown. Men willing to leave all they know and risk never to return. These were people who's strengths and convictions were equal to those who went to the Moon and those yet to come who will venture into the far reaches of our Universe. The sailors of these wooden craft were the cosmonauts of their day. What for us today is a simple cruise to the New World was for them a trip beyond the known world.

Below is the beginnings of a list of links to wooden vessels that survive from the end of the Sail Age. I will add more as I find them and as time allows.

Amy Howsen

With suitable ships in short supply, the purchase of the Humber Sloop Amy Howson in 1976 came with a sigh of relief from the Sloop Committee. Five years of fund-raising and restoration saw her returned to sail in 1981, since then thousands of miles have been covered under sail and power, thousands of visitors and passengers have boarded and sailed on her, and thousands of man hours.....

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The Humber sloop was very much influenced by the Dutch and honed into a versatile workhorse by the men that sailed them over a period of 250 years. Using a single mast employing a loose footed gaff rigged main sail, self tacking foresail and a range of head and top sails the sloops traded.....

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Boy Leslie

Boy Leslie is a Brixham Sailing Trawler English cutter built in 1911.The vessel is owned by the "Association cutter Boy Leslie" run on charitable basis. This is a Norwegian site with an English page.....

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