Esther The last Grimsby Sail Trawler

Great Yarmouth

I have as yet not been able to find any information about G.I.C aka Esther from her time in Great Yarmouth. The only thing I am sure of is a mention in the Ships Register at the North East Lincs Archive that her file was closed here in Grimsby with big letters in red ink stating "Sold to Gt. Yarmouth, 11th March 1896"

I know very little about Esther's time in Great Yarmouth. We know that Messrs Hewett's & Co acquired the assets of the Grimsby Ice Company and we presume Esther was amongst those assets.

What is also know is that in late 1899 there was a boiler explosion at the companies premises in Barking for which they were apparently uninsured. I have also read that they had to consolidate the business by 1900 due to financial problems in part because of the explosion and because they were probably top heavy with the old fashioned sail trawlers. These combined issues might have led to them selling Esther around this time.

At the turn of the century Esther shows up in Iceland so this fits in with the troubles the Hewetts were having but to confirm these views I would need to do a little foot work in Great Yarmouth to dig out the facts. In the mean time if you or anyone you know has any contacts in Great Yarmouth who might have any information of Esther in the town between 1896 and 1900 please do get in touch. I should be glad to hear from you. You can leave a message below or send me an email via the contacts page.

The Esther story continues in Iceland

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